True Ghost Stories – Man on the Road

From amongst countless true ghost stories that we have come across so far, this unique story is one of the most popular ones. At least among the students of Dev Bhoomi Institute of Technology, Dehradun. It’s about a night they can’t forget.

It deals in the paranormal that’s simply hard to understand and stands defiantly on the precipice of doubt, given the fact that the students who had encountered the unknown were all highly stoned. And you can’t be sure of what you see when you are high. So how do you place it in the true ghost stories category?

Even so, the fact that it wasn’t just one guy who saw something out of the ordinary, but all of ’em, stops you from questioning the validity of this true ghost story.

Anyways, such true ghost stories make for a great collection that will go down in our books as the tale of the unusual and that should suffice.

Man on the Road Story

To be really honest, it is a bizarre place to open a college. Surrounded by forest, you know, the land of animals and the unknown who aren’t afraid to saunter in their realm proving their dominion whenever required. There have been cases aplenty of animal attacks and of unknown creatures lurking in the woods that the place has started harboring rumors galore. But that doesn’t stop the brave from venturing out on adventures.

So there’s this area called Sudhowala where seven students had found their regular abode. Not just for the thrill of adventure but also to satiate their late night hunger urges. A Dhaba that served all those night owls who weren’t happy with their cooks. The precinct’s regulars were students, primarily why it kept its engines running even at night. Their business was booming so why stop the happy hours, eh?

All of these kids were highly stoned as Jeetu had scored some reefers from somewhere. They sneaked out like they always did and then dangled on the road once they were a safe distance from the college. Then they sang songs, made fun of each other and talked about girls, as they headed straight towards their favourite Sudhowala Dhaba.

Food at Sudhowala

The journey felt like it was written in some kind of dream. They barely had any memory of how they traveled seven kilometers to reach the Dhaba without getting tired.

Reefer makes you hungry and the hunger was right at its peak. The boys gorged on every food item the Dhaba had.

“I am going to order Chicken Tikka now for dessert.” said one after finishing his meal.

“You had that yesterday too.” somebody responded.

“And it was good!” slapped back the first guy.

Soon they were all very full and hit the road once again to return to their college.

The night shone brightly on account of a full moon that saw the kids through the narrow unfrequented pathway. On both sides of the road were plants and trees beyond which expanded a dense forest.

Soon Believers Church showed up with a glimmer of a dim light coming from inside. It is right after you are past it, that the pathway becomes narrower. Trees become closer to you when you are walking on the road, and the environment becomes kind of creepy.

True Ghost Stories

Somebody in the group noticed the sudden darkness around and kicked in the conversation about scary things in the dark. The bold one reassured that there were seven of them. Were there a problem, it wouldn’t be hard for them to handle.

Scary thoughts began surfacing one by one, and thus began ghost stories that thrilled them beyond limit given the place they were in not to mention the state they were in.

As someone was reasoning with someone’s story trying to pinpoint how humbug it sounded, a fog began developing some hundred meters ahead of them on the road. Nobody was paying attention until someone pointed out the fog.

“Hey! Where did that come from?”

The rest of them were surprised too.

The Odd Company

Just when everyone looked at the white mist ahead, a matchstick burnt mid-air.


There was nothing around it. Just the fire from the matchstick burning bright and hanging there like in some kind of a weird dream. Two cigarettes followed obstructing the flame. Their red became prominent and distinguishable. A puff or two were taken as the matchstick lost its light. Both cigarettes stood there still as if looking in their direction.

match fire stick for true ghost stories man on the road

The boys kept moving whispering under their breath.

“Can you see it too?” asked one.

“Yes, what should we do?” asked another.

“Keep going….” someone responded under his breath.

One of the cigarettes then moved towards the edge of the road. The other one stood there puffing. The smoke appeared disparate and since the students smoked themselves, easily recognizable. Whatever it was, wasn’t afraid of a group of seven college boys coming in their direction.

Suddenly when there were some twenty meters left to cover, they saw the cigarette falling to the ground, its cinders releasing sparks in all directions in the process.

Then there was silence. The mist didn’t go anywhere. The strong scent of cigarette hung there in the air as they drew themselves closer to the spot where the cigarette was last seen.

The Man

As they were crossing the spot, one of them noticed a man sitting by the edge of the road towards the right. There was no head. There was smoke coming out from the place where there was supposed to be a head.

One boy whispered under his breath.

“Can you see it?”

“Yes…sh…keep walking.” whispered back.

“Ignore it, don’t look at it.” someone advised.

“There’s smoke coming out of his head…..” another one chimed in.


Everyone had seen it except one. The boy who had failed to see it, and had no clue where it was, blurted out loudly:

“Where? Where? I wanna see it too.”

As he turned around to check on it, it was too much for the rest of them, and they stormed off. They didn’t stop until they saw their college entrance, when one of them confirmed if everyone was there that nobody was left behind. They were all there.

All seven of them sneaked back in and then assembled in a room where they began discussing what they had seen. They were shuddering with fear. Everyone’s story checked out and everyone had seen the same thing. That was weird.

Their desperate talks slithered into the dawn as they failed to sleep that unfortunate night.

Special Thanks to Anudeep Bhatt

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